FOUNDED in 2005

together we can change the world!

Our Story

We are an organization that works for the conservation of the environment through investigation, environmental education, and leadership integration for the purpose of natural protection.

We promote mitigation and adaptation to climate change, protection of sea turtles, dispose of solid waste, promote environmental awareness, and work with national and international volunteers.

The participants of our conservation programs are immersed in unique and different experiences where they are a part of our efforts to protect the environment.

Through teamwork and self-empowerment we measure their leadership abilities to identify and solve problems.


Create practical and successful solutions to protect the planet with inspiring and dedicated leaders.


Offer the best collaborative experience for the conservation of the environment.

Our Founders

Since 2005 we have been working for the conservation of Leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) turtles. In 2011 Verdiazul became a project for environmental recovery and protection of all sea turtles.

Daniel Arguedas

Project Director

Environmentalist and entrepreneur focused on the conservation and management of natural resources.

Valerie Guthrie

Project Scientist

Tropical biologist with emphasis on sea turtles.